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multiplayer, possibly online multiplayer? : godot - Reddit

Hey guys I'm making a doom styled game, I've only started on my prototype, also not to mention that this is the first time I'm using Godot (I have ...


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Godot WebRTC - DEV Community

godot #p2p. ... This is an introductory article on creating a simple P2P web browser game using the Godot Game Engine.

P2P) overview | Android Developers

Create P2P connections with Wi-Fi. ... Use Wi-Fi P2P for service discovery.

p2p and ...

Hi all, Some time in the past, I developed a p2p (DirectPlay based) implementation for my game.

Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

One of Godot's great features is its ability to export to the HTML5/WebAssembly platform, allowing your game to run directly in the browser when a user visit your webpage.

Godot Engine - WebRTC support, progress report #3

WebRTC for the High Level Multiplayer API is here!